Riding the Wave: A Commitment to Responsible Seafood

In celebration of World Oceans Day, we are thrilled to launch our “Riding the Wave” series, a speaker series where experts talk with Iberostar on the importance of our oceans and how we can all play a role in its protection. Our first series is focused on the importance of responsible and sustainable seafood and outlines “A Commitment To Responsible Seafood” shared by Iberostar and its invited guests. In this four-part series, we’ll discuss with NGOs and industry alike what responsible seafood really is, share some hopeful stories for our oceans, and discover why responsible seafood is critical to the wellbeing of our planet. 

These discussions, which will appear on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter starting June 9, will immediately follow the announcement of our roadmap for 100% responsible seafood consumption in our operations by 2025. We will share conversations with speakers from The Nature Conservancy (TNC), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), FishWise, Fishin’ Co, Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative (GSSI), Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), Fair Trade USA, and Conservation International in a four-part discussion series.

Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for an exciting, jam-packed week for World Oceans Day!

Our World Oceans Day schedule:

June 8: Our seafood strategy will be announced on all our Wave of Change social media platforms!

June 9: Riding the Wave: What Really is Responsible Seafood? 

Herman Wisse from the Global Seafood Sustainability Initiative, Nicole Condon from the Marine Stewardship Council, and Alison Cross from WWF talk with Dr. Megan Morikawa and Adriana Sanchez on the challenges on defining responsible seafood and hopeful progress the industry has made to achieve sustainability. Can all seafood in the world be sustainable?

June 10: Riding the Wave: The Power of Traceability in Seafood 

Lindsay Jennings from FishWise, Justin Baugh from Fishin’ Co, Frank Terzoli from WWF, and Natalie Miaoulis from TNC discuss this concept of traceability in seafood. Ultimately, it’s the integrity, the data and traceability, that follows a commitment to responsible consumption. What are some of the legal and human rights violations that traceability in the seafood supply chain has uncovered?

June 11: Riding the Wave: The 90%: Small-Scale, Local Fisheries 

Julie Kuchepatov formerly of Fair Trade USA, Elena Finkbeiner of Conservation International, Wendy Goyert of WWF, and Felicity Burrows of TNC discuss the incredible importance of small scale fisheries. They are the fisheries that account for two thirds of all seafood destined for direct human consumption and employ 90% of the sector. Is it always sustainable to support these local, small scale fisheries?

June 12: Riding the Wave: How You Can Help Our Oceans. 

Laura Rodriguez from the Marine Stewardship Council, Mel Bandler from Fair Trade USA, and Erin Taylor from FishWise discuss how all of us can play a role in a commitment to responsible seafood. They explore misconceptions (mistakes you don’t have to make) and some general rules of thumbs you can use at a restaurant or in your supermarket. Help us amplify this Wave of Change by doing your part for sustainable seafood!

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