Wave of Change is a pioneering initiative from Iberostar Group to reduce the use of plastics, to promote responsible consumption of seafood and improve coastal health.

Promoting ‘Wave of Change’ movement at schools in the Dominican Republic

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Annual meeting of experts in sustainable fishing and protection of the mediterranean.

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New Iberostar uniforms made from recycled plastic

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One commitment.
3 action lines.


Iberostar Group strives to be a pioneering company free of single-use plastics, without affecting the quality of our customers' experience.

Products are replaced with non-plastic materials or rigorously tested biodegradable alternatives.

Steps towards closing the loop on the hotel's circular economy.

Opening the doorway for an industry-wide shift away from single-use plastics.

By 2020, all Iberostar hotels will be free of single-use plastics.


Iberostar is working to offer its guests a range of seafood increasingly responsible, with the health of our oceans and the people and communities depending on them.

Expanding horizons for the responsible consumption of seafood, locally and globally.

Iberostar offers certified seafood while propelling local fisheries on the path of sustainability.


Iberostar aims to utilize its strengths as a business to uniquely elevate projects in coastal health.

Three elements: coral reefs, mangrove ecosystems and meadows seagrass.

Three action areas: discovery, protection and restoration.

Investing in the health of our ecosystems for generations to come.

Iberostar ensures a strong scientific foundation in every project to promote coastal health.

We invited you to share your ideas to take care of the oceans with the hashtag #WaveOfChange

Get involved in the #waveofchange.

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