Wave of Change announces 15 new goals for 2021

Since our Wave of Change movement began in 2017, we have taken bold steps towards leading responsible tourism.

Wave of Change has become a part of the DNA of Iberostar Group and has touched the hearts of our employees. It taught us that change was possible, but that our journey was only beginning.

In 2020, we opened two new coral nurseries, both located in Mexico. These nurseries serve to help protect coastal ecosystems surrounding our properties by restoring fish communities in the reefs and increasing biodiversity. In total, we now have 44 structures in the Caribbean that can maintain 800 fragments of coral from nine different species. We also increased the number of Marine Stewardship Council and Aquaculture Stewardship Council Chain of Custody Certified restaurants from seven to 14, bringing certified sustainable seafood to new parts of the world. In addition, we continue our journey to move towards a circular economy and did so by becoming single-use plastic free across all of our operations. In doing so, we show that luxury, quality and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

In 2021, we will continue to push our momentum forward and build on the successes of last year by establishing new, mission-driven goals for ourselves and working throughout the year to complete them.

For 2021, we have 15 goals broken down into three areas: Moving Towards a Circular Economy, the Responsible Consumption of Seafood and Improving Coastal Health. Five goals were established for each individual pillar, and each are listed down below!

These goals are in alignment with steps towards our five long-term commitments from 2020-2030:

1. Iberostar’s operations are single-use plastic free by 2020, waste free by 2025, and carbon neutral by 2030.

2. Iberostar’s seafood consumption is 100% responsible by 2025.

3. All ecosystems that surround Iberostar properties are improving in ecological health alongside profitable tourism by 2030.

4. Wave of Change is recognized by 90% of clients in-stay by 2023 and is a major driver for 60% of clients to choose Iberostar by 2025.

5. Iberostar’s own certification or verified partner certifications for responsible tourism are adopted by 2x the number of hotels Iberostar manages by 2030.

Moving Towards a Circular Economy

Comprehensive waste measurement

Iberostar will have comprehensive measurement (in KG) and categorization (at least to landfill or non-landfill) for all residuals generated at all Iberostar properties by the end of 2021.

Innovative packaging

Iberostar will host a roundtable with its suppliers of products used within facilities to discuss innovative forms of packaging and transportation of products to work towards zero waste to landfills by 2025.

Reduce food waste

Iberostar will reduce its global production of food waste by 15-30% across all its operations.

Scope 3 carbon emissions

Iberostar will amend its roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality in 2030(currently scope 1 and 2) and its definition of scope 3 emissions will be included in its carbon offsetting program.

Maximal renewable energy

Iberostar will create an internal policy for maximizing the total feasible renewable energy that it can purchase to run its operations (scope 2), such that if renewable energy is available in the country where it is operating, it will do its best to purchase it.

Responsible Consumption of Seafood

65% responsible seafood

Iberostar will continue its journey to 100% responsible sourcing of seafood by 2025 by increasing its responsible sourcing to 65% in 2021.

Lifting up local: Jamaica

Iberostar will work with local partners in Jamaica to assess the needs of the lobster fishery to formally launch an improvement project and work plan with set activities that will guide the fishery towards improvement.

Lifting up local: Spain

Iberostar will continue to support the Blue Crab research project by FUEIB and work with producers and our supply chain partners to assess whether market access is possible (and legal) for consumption at Iberostar hotels.

Iberostar will work with Aniol Esteban of Fundacion Marilles to understand work led by Nostrum fishermen and how Iberostar can further support (or formalize) sustainability efforts and review products from this fishery as local alternatives for sourcing.

Seafood supplier round table

Iberostar will launch in Q3 of 2021 its first supplier round table to engage their regional supply chain and review lessons learned, common challenges and next steps to secure 100% responsible seafood by 2025.

Comprehensive seafood KDEs

Iberostar will work with all Iberostar hotels outside of its centralized purchasing to collect the basic KDEs for traceability of seafood products.

Improving Coastal Health

Tourism Action Coalition

Iberostar will co-launch the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Action Economy Tourism Action Coalition for People and Nature. This includes the collective actions of the coalition itself (and its roadmap for nature-based solutions in tourism), calls to action for government and individual commitments.

Coastal Health EMEA

Iberostar will formally extend its efforts to have ecosystems in improving ecological health alongside its operations in the EMEA region.

Education program

Iberostar and the Iberostar Foundation will formally launch their objectives for their education program as part of its roadmap to coastal health. This will include the specific launch of the Education Center in Aruba, alongside its hotel in Eagle Beach.

20,000 trees  ->  3,000 tons

Iberostar will continue its commitment to offset 75% of its carbon emissions in 2030 with nature based solutions by protecting its first plot of coastal forest in Mexico.

Global active coral restoration

Iberostar will continue the expansion of its coral restoration initiatives by establishing coral nurseries in [all] locations where coral are present next to the hotels.

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