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Protecting mystical trees on tropical coasts



Mangroves are marine ecosystems, we can find them in tropical coastal areas. They are characterized by being a site of transition between land and sea, for example, we can see them at river mouths, coastal lagoons and on the beach strip.


Mangroves derive their name from their large roots that give them support and connect them to the Earth in a special way. They are special and very resistant trees, since they are tolerant to extreme conditions of salinity, flooding and lack of oxygen.


For many cultures they are mystical trees due to the benefits and connection they offer to communities.


Among the main benefits we find:


  • They act as a protective barrier against storms and hurricanes.
  • They serve as a nursery for fish and other animals that become a source of food for people.
  • They serve as habitat for other species such as birds, manatees, crabs, turtles, crocodiles and fish.
  • They improve water quality as they filter nutrients.
  • They are an ecosystem that has the ability to capture polluting gases in the air and incorporate them into their leaves, stems, roots and accumulate in the sediment over time.


Iberostar, through its Wave of Change movement, firmly believes in the protection and management of these ecosystems to improve the health of the coasts and protect the natural attraction they have, thanks to their beauty. 


We have identified the potential of this ecosystem in the Caribbean region. For example, along the coasts of countries such as Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, our efforts have focused on strengthening wide-ranging partnerships between the private and public sectors, and the close involvement of local communities, academia, and government entities. We are currently carrying out the implementation of multinational programs for the protection and/or restoration of these ecosystems focused inside and outside the Iberostar complexes. In the Caribbean region we work on the protection of approximately 893 hectares of mangroves through the exchange of experiences, cooperation and management with institutions in the Bávaro region in the Dominican Republic, the Peninsula of Yucatán in Mexico and the North Coast in Jamaica.


To continue with this progress, our goal is to consolidate multi-destination alliances and achieve the protection and restoration of mangroves so we achieve that special connection with these mystical trees in a region where their value is key to societies.



Camilo Cortés-Useche

Written By

Camilo Cortés-Useche

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