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We kick off 2020 working tirelessly to continue leading responsible tourism and protecting the oceans through Wave of Change.

We understand the importance of growing and fostering the community of people who support our movement and create new spaces for dialogue to happen. In order to do so, we are very happy to announce that we are launching our social media profiles on:

Facebook: @waveofchange

Instagram: @waveofchange

Twitter: @waveofchange

Our aim is to create meaningful conversations with communities that are in love with the oceans, inform communities on new research related to our commitments and highlight our progress as we work to lead responsible tourism. These channels will not only help us further communicate our Wave of Change movement, but also enrich conversations about ocean conservation with numerous people and organizations. 

Here are some examples of content you can expect to find on our social media platforms: 

  • Updates on achievements and milestones
  • The Wave of Change experience at Iberostar hotels
  • A steady stream of relevant news, publications and research on ocean conservation
  • In-depth information about our three pillars 
  • Practical ideas that you can take home to help contribute to ocean conservation

We open our social media channels alongside announcing our 5 long-term goals over the next 10 years to protect the oceans at Fitur 2020 and reinforce our commitment to a circular economy through the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative developed by the One Planet Sustainable Tourism Programme.

We invite you to follow and chat with us, as well as sharing your thoughts using #WaveofChange. Stay tuned for exciting news and updates throughout the year!

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