Promoting ‘Wave of Change’ movement at schools in the Dominican Republic

On 9th November, and as part of our Wave of Change movement, we paid a visit to the Nazaret Education Centre (Friusa, Bávaro), situated just a short distance from our Iberostar complex in Bávaro. The reason was to give 5th grade students a talk entitled “What are corals?”, a topic they are currently studying in Natural Sciences. We took advantage of the opportunity to explain the vital role corals play in marine ecosystems and offer a series of tips on how to care for them. The pupils then had the chance to display their creativity by taking part in a drawing competition.

The winning entries will be featured in a 2019 calendar, made entirely from recycled paper. The children were also able to make their own corals using recycled materials and take their handiwork home with them. At the end of the session we handed out cartons of juice and cereals to all the children, as well as colouring books and crayons.

Taking part in the visit were Soraya Romero, Manager of the Iberostar Group’s Sustainability Office; Megan Morikawa and Macarena Blanco, responsible for the Coral Project;  Ada Cruz, from the Bávaro complex management team;  Elizabeth Núñez, from Human Resources; William Rodríguez, from the Environment Department and  Daniela Jiménez, from the Dominican Republic’s Sustainability Office.

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