New Iberostar uniforms made from recycled plastic

As of this year, here at Iberostar Hotels & Resorts we will be replacing the traditional polyester uniforms with an alternative material made entirely from recycled plastic. Following exhaustive tests and trials, the new fabrics scored high on durability and comfort, and will be gradually introduced into all of our more than 120 hotels.

The new uniforms will keep the iconic design created exclusively by Davidelfin for Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, but from now on will be more sustainable thanks to the use of a fabric developed from recycled plastic bottles. With this initiative, we will be contributing to the removal of around 470,000 bottles from the oceans and rubbish tips and reducing our use of the more contaminating traditional polyester by 28,000 metres.

Recycled polyester is a fabric made from plastics collected from both land and sea. Iberostar’s new uniforms, which have been tested and introduced at its Iberostar Paseo de Gracia Hotel in Barcelona and the Iberostar Sábila on Tenerife, will feature garments made of microfiber and twill, both made from recycled polyester.

Sustainability is one of Grupo Iberostar’s core values, a deeply-rooted business philosophy that dictates all the decisions aimed at guaranteeing the responsible management of its business activity’s impact on the environment. The use of new textiles for the iconic uniforms is therefore another landmark achievement in our ‘Wave of Change’ programme.

The fabric is developed from recycled plastic bottles

This measure is the latest in a series of initiatives to be launched by Grupo Iberostar, which include the elimination of single-use plastics from all our rooms, replacing them with more environmentally-friendly materials. This ambitious objective, which in Spain has already been achieved, is now being extended to other areas of its hotels and in 2019 will be applied to the rest of the more than 120 hotels the company operates around the world. Actions such as these have enabled Iberostar to reduce the amount of plastic waste it generates each year in Spain by 300 tons, a figure that is set to rise once they are extended to the other countries and further improvements such as the new uniforms are introduced.

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