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Look for alternatives to single-use plastic.

We are removing plastic bottles from our hotels and we are promoting the best recycling initiatives. We look for the best sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic.


Reuse oil to make soap.

Reuse oil to make soap just like my grandmother did.


Educate new generations about sustainability.

This change must begin right from the start. These principles should be taught in school just like multiplication tables or verb tenses.


Challenge yourself to consume fish responsibly.

We are the first chain in southern Europe to achieve MSC certification. We have also obtained the ASC in our hotels in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Spain.


Collect waste from the bottom of the seas.

We carry a net bag on the beach and while snorkeling to retrieve trash. Perhaps you could make something similar available to your guests.


Use renewable materiales.

We have invested in reusable silicone covers and zip locs as an alternative to single use plastics. Moving to reusable shopping bags as well.


Fall in love with the marine ecosystem.

We have inaugurated the first lab for the study of corals. We are collaborating on the research for the care of Posidonia and we are promoting Project Tamar to protect sea turtles.


Encourage to act in a sustainable manner.

Reward the sustainable actions of your guests with ecopoints that allow them to take advantage of sustainable activities in the sea: paddle surfing, scuba diving for the first time, sailing, etc.


Raise awareness for smokers to carry portable ashtrays.

I recycle my extra oil separate from my paper, plastic and glass recycling. You also have to raise awareness that when smokers go to the beach they should bring an ashtray that closes so they can throw away the buds properly at home or in the bin. This is what I do.


Practice the three R's: reduce, reuse and recycle.

We reduce the use of plastic, promote the reuse of products, and design our uniforms out of recycled materials.


Take care of our beaches.

Iberostar encourages and collaborates in the cleaning of more than 100 beaches a year.


Organize days dedicated to sustainability every week.

Every week we should dedicate a day to cleaning the seas and rivers.

Share your ideas with the hashtag #WaveofChange and mention @iberostar on Twitter or Instagram and we will publish the best ones here.